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  • 26:24

    Brazil – Wild Waters

    Iguazu Falls are the most extensive waterfalls in the world. The water-world supports one of the most extraordinarily biodiverse reserves on the planet, feeding an astonishing variety of ecosystems. Further to the north, in the vastness of Brazil, is another focal point of the marriage between land and water – the Pantanal. The extensive diversity…

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  • 55:34

    Must See Places of the World – Marvels of Mankind

    Over time, Man has created some pretty amazing things. The ancient Maya built the remarkable ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. The ancient Egyptians sifted sand from their palms to conceive and create the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. What does love conjure, you might ask? Well, India’s Taj Mahal stands as a prime…

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  • 27:24

    Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

    Beloved around the globe as an iconic symbol of America, the sights, sounds, and sweeping vistas of the Grand Canyon, as well as the unique opportunities for outdoor activities, capture the senses and penetrate ones’ heart and soul as few locations on Earth can.

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  • 2:25

    Music of Italy with Rudy Maxa

    Join Rudy in Agrigento, Sicily where the band Dioscuri enthralls listeners with the rhythmic notes of music that speaks to the everchanging cycle of light to darkness, and darkness to light. In the background, the Valley of the Temples resonates with history.

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  • 5:02

    Music of Italy with Rudy Maxa

    Accompany Rudy to Bologna, Italy and enjoy the unique band Gruppo Emiliano. Next, stop in Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet and the Arena di Verona (Verona Arena), where Rudy happens to visit the night Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Aida is on the bill.

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  • 3:15

    Great Cities of Europe – Rome, Italy with Rudy Maxa

    Rome- Italy’s Eternal City. The Via Sacra leads to The Forum where you can walk through buildings and streets of ancient history. Nearby is the renowned Colosseum where gladiatorial sport once entertained thousands. The Theatre of Marcellus (Teatro Marcello) was once a place where Romans could enjoy good theater. When Rudy stays in Rome, he…

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  • 3:20

    New Territories in Hong Kong, China with Rudy Maxa

    Hong Kong’s New Territories is a region that has experienced swift change over the past few decades. Chinese ancestral halls, such as the hall dedicated to the Tang Clan, are located throughout the New Territories, and contain the soul tablets of each Clan member that has passed on from this life. Rudy will also take…

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  • 3:46

    Lantau Island in Hong Kong, China with Rudy Maxa

    Accompany Rudy to Lantau Island. Dock in Silver Mine Bay and visit the Tian Tan Buddha, located on the grounds of the Po Lin Monastery. On the other side of Lantau Island is the fishing village of Tai O, the Venice of Hong Kong.

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  • 2:33

    Sai Kung in Hong Kong, China with Rudy Maxa

    Hong Kong’s Global Geopark in Sai Kung is a great place to stroll, exercise, and experience a more natural side to Hong Kong. In the town of Sai Kung, tour guide Denny Ip helps Rudy discover the best local spots for the freshest seafood.

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  • 2:31

    Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, Mexico with Rudy Maxa

    Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo exist side by side, overlooking the deep-blue Pacific, Each town has its own unique character. Ixtapa is a resort town, replete with hotels, high-end golf courses, restaurants, and bars. Zihuatanejo is a little more laid back, and a great way to get to know the town is to explore its beaches, such…

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  • 1:53

    La Condesa and Polanco in Mexico City, Mexico with Rudy Maxa

    Join Rudy and discover chic La Condesa (or Condesa). Trendy fashion boutiques, cafes, and an exciting night-life make La Condesa a fun destination for travelers. In nearby Polanco, Patricia Quintana will introduce you to her restaurant Izote, and all of the warm, uplifting flavors found therein.

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  • 2:03

    Teotihuacan, Mexico with Rudy Maxa

    The Aztecs were the first to discover the ancient city of Teotihuacan, and they believed the Gods they worshipped were born here. Discover the Temple of the Sun, the Palace of the Quetzal Butterfly, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, and more.

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  • 25:39

    Zanzibar and Tanzania, Africa with The Art Explorers

    The Art Explorers travel to this truly exotic island known for its spice trade, trade winds, historic Arab architecture, and romantic resorts. Stone Town, the capital, is a captivating, rustic city filled with veiled women, thriving markets, and aromatic neighborhoods. Regina and Pat experience an exotic dance performance on the beach, ancient ruins, and a…

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  • 26:34

    South African Safari with The Art Explorers

    Travel with The Art Explorers as they successfully locate “the Big Five” of Africa, namely lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes. Rest easy knowing that there are major conservation efforts taking place at Kapama Private Game Reserve to protect many of Africa’s wild inhabitants. In Kagga Kamma, travel to ancient grounds where they view 6,000-year-old…

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  • 26:34

    South Africa with The Art Explorers

    Join The Art Explorers as they travel to a new, rejuvenated South Africa, and explore the cultural mosaic of this extraordinary country. Visit the major cities of Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg, and walk through historically important museums and galleries. Meet artists, designers, musicians, everyday people in their homes, and relish the opportunity to visit…

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