• 25:38

    Join The Art Explorers as they explore the culture and history of Peru’s cosmopolitan city of Lima that overlooks the Earth-blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Experience the Afro-Peruvian community in El Carmen, and visit with well-known musical, visual, and performance artists. Regina reconnects with an old friend who creates marionettes that tell stories handed

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  • 11:59

    Explore Lima, the capital of Peru. Teeter on the edge of the Central Sierra Mountains by train, and frequent the local markets of La Oroya.

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  • Trekking the World - Peru

    The Inca Trail is filled with traces of clues that will connect you to ancient civilizations. Begin in Lima and travel through amazing cities, including Oroya and Cusco, before finally arriving at the ultimate destination, the unparalleled mountain kingdom of Machu Picchu.

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  • 25:28

    A key attraction of travel in Europe is that, more often than you think, just thirty minutes outside of any city, there is a good chance that attractive getaways lurk nearby; quiet spots to catch ones’ breath. Explore a few such magical places that Rudy himself has found. [FEATURED: France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands]

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