• 17:46

    Alaska – Ketchikan to Skagway

    As you travel from Ketchikan to Skagway by ferry, stop along the way to explore the spectacle of glaciers. Also, learn a little bit about the famed Gold Rush era, and visit the Chilkat village of Klukwan along the historic Dalton Trail where the Chilkat language and culture is experiencing a revival.

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  • 1:20:55

    RV Adventures – Alaska’s Inside Passage

    Discover the real Alaska along the Alaska Marine Highway System with your guide, RV-enthusiast John Holod. Breathtaking scenery, incredible wildlife, quaint towns, and a rich Native American history and culture await you along this excursion that covers more than 1,000 nautical miles. Your itinerary includes the major cruise ship ports, as well as port towns…

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  • 1:01:25

    Vancouver Island, British Columbia to Anchorage, Alaska

    Travel the Alaskan Highway from Vancouver Island to Alaska, taking in the dramatic and rugged coastline as you relish the freedom of the Great North. Witness abandoned ghost towns, and visit the Chilkoot Pass, a place that embodies the American spirit of adventure like no other.

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