• 22:36

    Dennis Gage, creator of the “My Classic Car” television series, with his son, Sam, and famous motorcycle photojournalist Neale Bayly, rev up their 1967 Moto Guzzi V7’s and ride the over 1,000-mile journey from their homes in Indiana down to St. Augustine, Florida for the annual Riding through History event. Dennis Gage’s philosophy on life?

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  • 1:30:53

    This was an unforgettable year for steam locomotives. Classic engines are featured on multiple excursions, including a steam tripleheader. [FEATURED: Milwaukee Road 261: Twin Cities and Western; Nickel Plate 587; Southern Pacific Daylight 4449; Union Pacific 844; Centennial Diesel 6936; Northern Pacific 328; Soo Line 2719; Soo Line 1003]

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