• 4:15

    Hidden Gems of the Pyrenees Mountains in France with Rudy Maxa

    Wonderful surprises await amidst the tranquil Pyrenees Mountains, including a wide variety of healthy outdoor activities. The Monday morning market in Luz St. Sauveur is alive with activity as the new week begins. Victor Hugu called the striking Cirque de Gavarnie “the most mysterious of structures by the most mysterious of architects.” Learn of the…

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  • 23:59

    Venice Beach, California and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Xtreme Tourist

    Ernie surfs Venice Beach prior to his flight to Rio de Janeiro. As you will find, soccer is life in Brazil. And, you will experience an iconic part of the soccer world upon visiting Maracana Stadium. Hike up Mount Corcovado to the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, rappel Sugarloaf Mountain, and receive Brazilian jujitsu lessons…

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  • 23:28

    A Taste of California – Tahoe

    When Mark Twain first saw Lake Tahoe, he described it as “surely the fairest picture the whole earth affords.” Host Simon Kane shows us the beauty of the region and the wealth of accommodations, restaurants, and activities available around its seventy-two-mile shoreline. Share the invigorating pure experience of hang-gliding over Tahoe. Dine at the Black…

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