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    In the natural world, the boundaries between different environments can be rich in wildlife. In Australia, a rainforest grows right up to the coastline of Cape Tribulation to meet one of the seven natural wonders of the world – The Great Barrier Reef. Together they form an environment rich in beauty, diversity, and natural wonder.

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    On the east coast of Australia, beyond the suburbs of the big cities and bounded by the Pacific Ocean, you can find some of the wildest national parks on the planet. Blue Mountains National Park, the immense eucalyptus forests, the magnificent deep gorges, Fraser Island, Lake McKenzie — all will show you how amazing and

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    Encompassing nearly a million acres, Olympic National Park protects a diverse and vast wilderness, thousands of years of human history, and several distinct ecosystems including glacier-capped mountains, old-growth temperate rainforests, and over seventy miles of wild Alaskan coastline.

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