• 25:39

    Travel with The Art Explorers to Cusco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site considered the arts-and-crafts capital of Peru and the former capital of the Incan civilization. This ancient city was not only considered sacred by the Incas, it was a jewel of the Spanish colonial world. Despite the arduous climb, Regina and Pat marvel at

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  • 13:29

    Visit Cusco, the crossroads of Peru, once the biggest city in all of South America, and “the center of the world” according to the Incas. The Inca trail will lead you to mesmerizing Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas that embodies the very spirit, and displays the expert craftsmanship, of the ancient civilization.

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  • Trekking the World - Peru

    The Inca Trail is filled with traces of clues that will connect you to ancient civilizations. Begin in Lima and travel through amazing cities, including Oroya and Cusco, before finally arriving at the ultimate destination, the unparalleled mountain kingdom of Machu Picchu.

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