• 21:54

    After a spectacular cruise down the Bosphorus Strait, tour Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, and a traditional Turkish bath house. Turkey is a country filled with historic treasures, and you can see it all with Laura McKenzie.

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  • 26:38

    Travel with The Art Explorers to Istanbul, the confluence of the great Christian, Moslem, and Byzantine cultures. Framed by the Marmara, Black, and Mediterranean Seas, and located on the mysterious Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul is considered home to one of the wonders of the world – Hagia Sofia. Located on the European portion of Turkey, the

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  • 11:27

    Once named Constantinople, Istanbul – actually located in Europe along the Thrace peninsula – contains countless historical locations that will overwhelm any traveler. A few must-see places include: Hagia Sophia, The Grand Bazaar, and Topkapi Palace.

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