• 3:48

    Join Rudy on his visit to the coastal city of Antalya and peruse the city’s historic bazaar. The ancient city of Perge was believed to have been founded by Greek heroes returning from war, and Aspendos is one of the most well-preserved theaters from ancient times.

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  • 3:27

    Visit the world’s oldest churches in Kanlidivane, the picturesque Turquoise Coast, and the most comprehensive collection of Greco-Roman statues in the Antalya Museum.

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  • 50:17

    It is said that the Silk Road is a crossroad of civilizations, a place where East meets West. Some of the trade-goods exchanged along the Silk Road over the centuries included fine textiles, magnificent oriental rugs, gunpowder, horses, herbs, spices, ceramics, and medicines, among many other things. Your journey down the Silk Road, with your

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