• 20:18

    “Lonely Planet” is your guide to experience the National Parks of America that you may not have heard of, but are well worth the trip. See where NASA astronauts trained for their moon missions and dive miles deep into the Earth, only to stumble upon exquisite crystal caves, and more.

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  • 6:14

    When the streaming light of the sun first breaks the crest of the eastern horizon of America in the morning, it shines on Acadia National Park. Hike the park’s noble granite peaks, bike its historic carriage roads, or simply relax and enjoy the exquisite natural surroundings.

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  • 55:45

    Cruise down the most scenic routes of the Eastern Seaboard. Your tires first hit the road in Maine’s rocky coast, stopping to admire Acadia National Park. Motor to charming Nantucket and Cape Cod in their entire summer splendor. Admire autumn-kissed New England. Stop and appreciate the dramatic motion of the mighty Niagara Falls. Step into

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