• 25:39

    Zanzibar and Tanzania, Africa with The Art Explorers

    The Art Explorers travel to this truly exotic island known for its spice trade, trade winds, historic Arab architecture, and romantic resorts. Stone Town, the capital, is a captivating, rustic city filled with veiled women, thriving markets, and aromatic neighborhoods. Regina and Pat experience an exotic dance performance on the beach, ancient ruins, and a…

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  • 26:34

    South African Safari with The Art Explorers

    Travel with The Art Explorers as they successfully locate “the Big Five” of Africa, namely lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes. Rest easy knowing that there are major conservation efforts taking place at Kapama Private Game Reserve to protect many of Africa’s wild inhabitants. In Kagga Kamma, travel to ancient grounds where they view 6,000-year-old…

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  • 26:34

    South Africa with The Art Explorers

    Join The Art Explorers as they travel to a new, rejuvenated South Africa, and explore the cultural mosaic of this extraordinary country. Visit the major cities of Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg, and walk through historically important museums and galleries. Meet artists, designers, musicians, everyday people in their homes, and relish the opportunity to visit…

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  • 25:38

    South Africa and Botswana, Africa with The Art Explorers

    Pat and Regina begin their adventure in glorious Cape Town, with excursions to the Cape of Good Hope and the fertile wine lands. The Art Explorers board The Pride of Africa on Rovos Rail for a two-day trip to Pretoria that includes a stop at the famous Kimberly Gold Mines. While in Botswana, The Art…

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  • 58:09

    Must See Places of the World – Wildlife Treasures

    Circle the globe and come face to face with Earth’s most unique wildlife. Ranthambore National Park in India is where you will find the tawny Royal Bengal Tiger creeping through the grass as it explores its kingdom. A good portion of the way around the globe from India, Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands contain a variety of…

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  • 55:34

    Must See Places of the World – Marvels of Mankind

    Over time, Man has created some pretty amazing things. The ancient Maya built the remarkable ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. The ancient Egyptians sifted sand from their palms to conceive and create the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. What does love conjure, you might ask? Well, India’s Taj Mahal stands as a prime…

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  • Green Paradise: Morocco - Souss-Massa National Park

    Morocco – Souss-Massa National Park

    Along the Moroccan coast lies Souss-Massa National Park, a coastal park that is quickly becoming an important area for protection of endangered animals in the Sahelo-Saharan region, such as the oryx and red-necked ostrich.

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  • 8:43

    Morocco – Ouarzazate

    The beautiful, yet fragile architecture of Ait Ben Haddou warranted a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. Trek through the Jbel Saghro (or Djebel Sahrho) Mountains, and visit the Aït Atta Berber Tribe, the last nomad shepherds in the region.

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  • 10:29

    Morocco – The Great South

    The challenge of eco-tourism in the Moroccan Desert is finding a balance between respect for the natural environment and providing visitors with a standard level of comfort. Hike to, and up, the remarkable Chegaga Dunes, the main attraction of the region.

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