Undiscovered Disney Parks

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The hidden secrets of Disney revealed! The world-class attractions and top-level resorts at both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California are familiar to millions around the World. But, there is a hidden side to Disney Parks that many do not know about. A side that has remained undiscovered, until now. Take a vacation to unknown places where very few have ventured before! Start with one of Disney’s special behind-the-scenes tours. At Disneyland in California you can Walk in Walt’s Footsteps and discover secret spots that Walt Disney himself visited. Next, step inside the newly constructed “Disneyland Dream Suite,” a magical space in the park’s New Orleans Square. Just around the corner is another secret spot that very few have access to, Club 33. You will get special access to this exclusive club and discover what makes it so incredible. You will also see the Keys to the Kingdom tour that reveals little-known secrets about Florida’s premier theme park.