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To experience the real Baja you have to get out of the car and take a closer, intimate look. Join John Holod on an unforgettable road adventure from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas. You will ride with the U.S. Border Patrol and experience the awe-inspiring scenic beauty of the Bay of the Angels, and treasure each stop along the way. Holod steers you toward sites that most tourists miss, including Parquet Nacional Sierra, one of Mexico’s least-known parks, and San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez, a beach playground for Rv’ers. But, you will also visit all the landmarks, including Hussong’s Cantina, “The bar that built a town” in Ensenada, Sierra National Park, which is home to Pico Diablo, the highest mountain in all of Baja, and Guerrero Negro, where the world’s friendliest gray whales get close enough to pet. Along the way, Holod shares invaluable travel tips that will save you time and money. This program visits: Estro Beach, San Felipe, San Quentin, Bahia de los Angeles, Midriff Islands, San Ignacio, Mulege, Bahia Conception, Magdalena Bay, La Paz, and more.