Railroad Journeys – Rio Grande

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Take one of the most spectacular railroad journeys in the U.S. on the Denver Rio Grande Western aboard coal trains, passenger trains, freight trains, and winter ski trains. Travel through some of the most amazing natural and manmade wonders in the country as we document the railroad triangle between Denver, Salt Lake City, and Pueblo. Make tracks through the Front Range of the Rockies, and meander through its winding valleys. Pierce the hearts of mountains in tunnels that can be up to six miles long, and took as many as four years to drill, blast, dig, and carve out. Rumble through majestic canyons, teeter at 10,000 feet crossing the Tennessee Pass, and crane your neck to admire sheer vertical walls as you thread your way along the bottom of the Royal Gorge. Take a step back in time to admire luxury passenger cars restored to their original classic splendor, then power along windswept winter landscapes to some of the best skiiing in the country. This is one of the most varied and comprehensive documents about today’s railroad operations in the American West.