Railroad Journeys – Mt. Rainier

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Duration: 1:10:04

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The days of the great logging railroads are relived in the rustic forests of the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Hear the call of steam whistles drifting on the crystal mountain air as some of the most rarely seen locomotives in existence make their annual Spring Photo Run on the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad in Washington State. History mingles with a sense of nostalgia as you watch these geared steam locomotives muscle their way past the breathtaking scenery of the Cascades. Witness the Heisler No. 91, a three-truck West Coast Special. Rock along a tree-lined rail bed on a 1929 Pacific Coast Shay. Join the salute to the Mt. Rainier Climax, the next-to-the-last of its type ever made, and the first locomotive restored at the Mt. Rainier shops. Here you will catch an unforgettable glimpse into America’s storied past as you ride the rails on rolling museums of steam and steel.