Railroad Journeys – Mediterranean Islands

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Duration: 54:50

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Corsica’s most beautiful beaches and coastal stretches exist on the western side of the island, while the interior of the island is quite mountainous. The development of the railroads in both locations were built with optimum scenic views and the unique topography in mind. The Vecchio viaduct was built by none other than Gustave Eiffel. Sardinia boasts one-quarter of Italy’s coastline, and Coasta Smerelda, in particular, is replete with spectacular views. The authentic mountain line from Mandas to Arbatax is the longest tourist line in Italy. Due to the untouched ancient landscape in this corner of Sardinia, many believe this region contains the best scenery on the island, which is made even more exciting with the addition of a one-hundred-year-old, Swiss-made, steam-powered locomotive to the equation. In Sicily, an exciting railway tour begins in Palermo and proceeds on a circular tour of the western portion of the island. The southern region of the island offers a chance to glimpse Sicily’s ancient architecture. The eastern edge of the island provides an opportunity to ride the Ferrovia Circumetnea that encircles Mount Etna volcano. The eastern route from Messina to Catania features some of the most popular beaches in Sicily. The historic and technical details behind the various trains and locomotives depicted are thoroughly explained. That, and more, await you. Come see the Mediterranean by rail! Narrated by Peter Fairhead.