Railroad Journeys – Great Mississippi

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Duration: 1:09:58

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It is winter along the Upper Mississippi River Valley, and Old Man River has never looked more regal. Frozen in icy stillness, and flanked by rolling countryside blanketed with two feet of snow, the drifting white banks look impenetrable, until, that is, the first freight train rolls through. It does not matter that it is the middle of January and the mercury has dropped below zero, this mainline operation stills runs full throttle. The Soo Line, Burlington Northern, Chicago and Western, Minnesota and Eastern, and Dakota are just a few of the lines whose rolling stock kick up white clouds of snow in their wakes as they storm their way through the frozen Upper Mississippi River Valley. Follow the workers and engineers who fight daily battles against the wintry elements to keep the freight lifelines open through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.