Railroad Journeys – Durango and Silverton

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Chasms, curves, and nail-biting switchbacks. Cravasses, gorges, and perilous passes. Take a thrill ride on one of the most spectacular train lines in the country, crossing the Colorado Rockies on narrow gauge rails. It is high-altitude adventure at full steam ahead, clinging to steep mountainsides behind a vintage steam locomotive driving its way up to Silverton at 9,288 feet. Join its delighted load of passengers crossing 400 feet above the tumbling waters of the River of Lost Souls. Snake through glacier-carved passes of sheer granite so narrow it is said that only locomotives with a single coat of paint can squeeze through. Classic Mikado locomotives are seen hard at work throughout the tourist season, nimbly threading the dizzying heights and craggiest routes of southwestern Colorado. Travel in old-fashioned style through country so rugged, its harsh, pristine beauty remains hidden to all but the railroad’s crew and passengers.