Railroad Journeys – China

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Duration: 53:48

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Revisit an important era in Chinese railroading history when the last of the steam trains increasingly shared the tracks with the more modern diesel and electric trains. Due to the size of China’s population, as well as the land the country occupies, the railroad network is a very important component to everyday life in China. Begin by exploring Beijing’s various rail networks. North of Beijing, visit the Tangshan Locomotive Works to witness how “locos” (locomotives) are made. West of Manzhouli, see how trains are an integral part of transport for open-cast coal pits. In Baotou, the Baotou Shed and Station services, repairs, and stores a variety of locomotives. Back in Beijing, most rail journeys in China begin in the impressive Beijing Station. Outside of the suburbs of Beijing, the Great Wall of China is visible from your railcar. Heading west out of Zhongwei you will travel through, and gain a unique perspective of, the Gobi Desert from your railcar. The historic and technical details behind the various trains and locomotives depicted are thoroughly explained. And, there is more where that came from! Narrated by Peter Fairhead.