My African Safari – Full Length Feature

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Duration: 1:26:57

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Directed by award-winning filmmaker Rick Ray, “My African Safari” takes viewers to popular African travel destinations, including Mt. Kilimanjaro and Serengeti National Park. The word “Africa” conjures a myriad of images: herds of animals roaming the plains, Maasai warriors standing at the ready with swords and spears, romantic African sunsets, or regions of tribal conflict. Africa is all this, and more. Stop in the Great Rift Valley and see the coffee plantations of Kenya. Explore the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park of Tanzania, and the rainforests of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, where endangered mountain gorillas make their home. Along the way, you will experience the color, excitement, adventure, and romance of one of the most exotic destinations on Earth.