Must See Places of the World – Marvels of Mankind

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Duration: 55:34

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Over time, Man has created some pretty amazing things. The ancient Maya built the remarkable ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. The ancient Egyptians sifted sand from their palms to conceive and create the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. What does love conjure, you might ask? Well, India’s Taj Mahal stands as a prime example of one man’s devotion to his sweetheart, a love tragically lost. And how about an example of extensive fortification? I challenge you to find any wall on Earth able to stand up to the immense barrier that is the Great Wall of China. Do you remember Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and the location in which the last scene of the film takes place? Buildings hewn from rock, such as Petra, exemplify the most tremendous creations of Man. If you think your journey ends there, have you ever been to Venice, or the Alhambra in Spain? How about Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, or the Blue Mosque?…