Must See Places of the World – Magnificent Planet

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If you had a plane ticket in your hand that allowed you unrestrained passage to the supernatural wonders of the world, where would you first stamp your passport? And, after that? We believe these outstanding locations on Earth will help guide you in the right direction. Extending from the Atantic Ocean to the Red Sea, the Sahara Desert stuns the senses in its sun-struck majesty. No larger desert exists on Earth. Far across the world from the African continent, climatic forces have historically sculpted and shaped the exciting Alaskan frontier, which to this day supports a healthy, wild land that begs to be explored. Back in Africa, share in the wonder that is Victoria Falls. As the Zambezi River meanders eastward, its waters find deep solace in the plunge that are Africa’s magnificent falls, named after Queen Victoria. Two national parks on the North American continent share special, indefinable qualities: Grand Canyon and Banff. These two soul-replenishing parks certainly deserve a visit or two in a lifetime, and the memory burns you gain from your visit to them will certainly last a lifetime. Moving southeastward, the surging flow of the Amazon Rainforest courses through northern Brazil, eventually succumbing to the depths of Iguazu Falls that thunders in your heart with its overwhelming force. Now, if you wanted to make sure that you covered a large swath of Earth, you would have to book an excursion to one of the oldest continents on the planet, Australia, in order to witness one of Earth’s great colossuses – Uluru, also know as Ayers Rock.