The Places In Between

I feel an impatience – a familiar restless desire to live even for a little while outside the geometry of civilization and its confining angles, cylinders, boxes and gridlines.

To breathe living air un-pumped through ducts and vents, and feel the rushing breeze over loud tumbling water that’s never seen the inside of pipes. To pass under the gaze of free animals and behold them alive – or even at the very least – I want to listen giddily and in vain for the slightest of sounds in a desert’s absolute, unstirred stillness.

To see far and sense every little thing differently, some part of me has always seemed to feel this way.

© Joe Baniecki, GoTraveler Reflections (2017)

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One Response to “The Places In Between”
  1. Inez Smith

    Planning a trip from Florida to the Grand Canyon National Park. Would like to know about places to camp in a 33 foot travel trailer along the way