GoTraveler’s Jonathan Plowman Talks Travel Trends on Business First AM

Broadcast from Chicago Trading Exchange highlights features of world’s largest collection of professionally-produced travel videos

October 20, 2017, Chicago – Questar Entertainment President Jonathan Plowman appeared on the Chicago program Business First AM to introduce, an online video magazine showcasing the world’s largest collection of professionally-produced travel videos from world-famous authorities such as Rudy Maxa, Laura McKenzie, Shari Belafonte, and others.

Speaking to Business First AM host Angela Miles, Plowman said, “What really separates us from other online travel videos is that all of our videos have been curated by us and feature destinations from all around the world all in one location, so it’s easy to find all of the destinations that you might want to find. And also all of our videos are professionally produced by travel experts. They’re not filmed by people on vacation with their cell phone cameras.”

Plowman will be in Los Angeles for the American Film Market from Thursday, November 2 until Tuesday, November 7. To arrange an interview, contact him directly at 312-397-2176.

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Business First AM is a daily half-hour TV program broadcast from the Chicago Trading Exchange and syndicated to over 70 major television markets as well as being made available on digital platforms such as CBS Everywhere, ABC Go and Roku. showcases both full-length travel videos and clips from hundreds of diverse destinations, including America’s National Parks, the capital cities of Europe, and exotic locales in Asia, Australia and Africa. Visitors can select videos based on region (sorted by Continent or Country) or type of travel (adventure travel, cruises, historic sites, etc.). The online video magazine also includes a newsletter and engaging blogs offering travel tips and advice.

Upon GoTraveler’s launch, Plowman said, “No other TV channel or website offers the breadth and depth of content available on GoTraveler. We have the best travel videos produced by the best-known travel experts featuring the most breathtaking, exotic, and colorful places in the world. The stories are beautifully shot and expertly told. Searching online for amateur vacation videos just doesn’t compare. They’re a great trip planning tool or can be watched for pure enjoyment. You can click here and go everywhere.” is available for affordable subscriptions of $7 per month, $19 per quarter or $59 per year, with automatic renewal and a “cancel anytime” policy.

Exclusive interviews with Questar President Jonathan Plowman can be obtained by contacting Plowman at or 312-397-2176.

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