GoTraveler Reflections

Why do we travel? The utterly pragmatic 21st century arguments in its favor are precious and few.

Traveler bottom-lines are hardly improved, and there’s never much to show for all the time and effort invested. We are, after all, no longer nomadic hunters and gatherers. Nor are we merchant adventurers seeking exotic goods for Renaissance markets. Today, most explorers of new frontiers are either metaphoric or digital, and since Ringling Bros. folded their final tent, you can’t even run away to join the circus.

So, why travel? What’s in it for us? There are countless globetrotting experts brimming with advice on where to go, what to do, how to get there, and when to do it. But among all their timetables, itineraries and top ten lists, the question of “Why?” rarely gets a mention.

Here at GoTraveler, we love expert advice, but we also believe that the question of “Why?” lies at the very heart of all great travel experiences. So, among all the great articles you expect to find here, we’re also introducing GoTraveler Reflections – stories about unique transformative moments in travel.

Stories that capture those elusive, gem-like points in time when a passing instant is at once altered into a living and definitive memory. And in the time it takes to quietly gasp in delight, or wonder, or private epiphany, the answer to “Why?” flares into clarity and luminescence – like a jewel touched by sudden sunlight.

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