Devils Tower

Two summers ago, I hiked around the base of an iconic multicultural landmark in the northeastern corner of Wyoming. Skirting shattered rock that surrounded the monolith like ancient ruins, I met no devil in any guise whatsoever; no storied Lakota maidens scrambling to… Read More


The ongoing argument regarding the hierarchy of form vs. function is, in this case, reduced to absolute superfluity. The Tufted Coquette – a hummingbird whose name is not only delightful and perfect, but easily could have been lifted from a Lou Reed lyric. Somewhat rare,… Read More


Spomenik – Tjentište (photo credit Jan Kempenaers) Scattered throughout the magnificent landscapes of the former Yugoslavia, massive concrete monuments stand in ghostly homage to a nation’s suffering and resistance. More than a million citizens – 6.3% of the population – were killed in the Nazi… Read More

Being Here

I don’t know much about this picture, other than it’s of the Milky Way as seen from a remote setting of sheer spectacle in the Carpathians. I take a caption’s word on that, because I’ve never been there, and I don’t know it from personal experience. Read More

Eavesdroppings The Art Institute of Chicago

“I like bright colors”, she said, “Really, really bright colors.” And with timing worthy of vaudeville, the universe quietly flexed one of its physical laws, detaching a single, family-sized false eyelash, recently batted. © Joe Baniecki, GoTraveler Reflections (2017)… Read More